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About Us

Vihaas Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is with a brand, EnLive focused on creating cosmetics that heal and nurture the skin and scalp holistically. Our products are focused upon helping the users overcome the most commonly placed problems. The products work holistically to conquer the underlying issues from the root and cleansing while removing all underlying causes of irritation alongside soothing.
Products from Vihaas feature exceptionally high customer satisfaction rates alongside the finest ingredients that actually care for the skin and scalp. The company is focused towards coming up with cosmetics with a blend of nature. While being exceptionally useful for hair and skin health, our products are free from all side effects.
Vihaas EnLive is a brand with a difference, as is specified by the hair and skin care products currently available on our catalog. There is an ocean of hair and skin care products out there. But, our products are different because they yield actual, on ground, sustainable results for consumers, better than they ever desired. Each of the ingredients used in our products is laboratically and clinically tested, and yields the best outcomes for hair and skin care.
EnLive is a line of hair and skin care products by Vihaas, which is trending globally and making waves across the world.
Vihaas pharmaceuticals was established in 2020 and has been achieving milestones of success since. We’d love to hear from you. In case you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us.

Mission :
To reach out to all corners of the globe with our quality products that reinstate good health while helping overcome a range of causes of irritation. Soothing by natural means alongside nurturing is what our product focus is all about. We develop cosmetics with a blend of nature that reinstate dermatological health and resolve skin and hair issues in the finest of ways.

Vision :
We intend to come up with products that are the voice of the customers, the items that they are on a lookout for and actually help them overcome the dermatological issues that concern them. Our business motto is to work for the best benefit of our consumers. We combine age old wisdom with new technological breakthroughs and wish to take the finest dermatological care in the world to all corners of the globe.

Goals :
- Making sure that we come up with the products that yield the maximum value for our customers
- Always coming up with products that are free from all side effects
- Creating products that are fit for regular, daily and sustainable use
- Conquering the root cause that smites the consumers
- Coming up with easy to use products that yield rich outcomes